'Scandal' Stars on Season 4: 'Unchartered Terrain' for Mellie and More Politics Ahead

Scandal Cast - H 2014
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Scandal Cast - H 2014

Details on Scandal's fourth season are being guarded more carefully than those on President Fitzgerald Grant's role in the death of a Supreme Court justice. But that isn't stopping the stars on ABC's political thriller from previewing — or at least trying to, anyway — what can be expected when the Washington-set Shonda Rhimes drama returns Thursday.

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The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the cast at Saturday's "TGIT" kickoff party and asked everyone to share one scandalous teaser for what to expect when Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) returns for his second term in the White House. And how Olivia (Kerry Washingtoneffectively quitting OPA changes everything for the Gladiators and how first lady Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) is balancing her White House duties while grieving her son's death.

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Kerry Washington (Olivia)

We are starting episode 405 and things are so intense at this point that we're so filled with question marks.

Scott Foley (Jake)

Olivia and Jake took off on a plane together and the promos have showed her on a beach somewhere drinking wine. Is Jake there? I haven't seen him there, I wonder why. Maybe she buried him in the sand. But he's not dead. I think Jake's feelings for Olivia, if they haven't been honestly revealed yet, will be so done.

Bellamy Young (Mellie)

Outfits! It's absolutely unchartered terrain where Mellie has found herself, how she's dealing [with her son's loss]. Between Mellie and Fitz, it's as close as ever and as far apart as ever. It's like going through a war to lose a child but you also don't feel warm toward each other and you're in the crucible of the White House. But for Mellie, physically, mentally, spiritually, it's a brave new world.

Jeff Perry (Cyrus)

Cyrus is really rocked and devastated by the loss of his husband. There's a real loneliness that he's dealing with and a real disorientation. In a relatively short amount of time, he found the love of his life and he was partially responsible for losing the love of his life. He's smart enough to know where he is culpable. It's emotionally devastating. There's a lot of that for Cyrus right now. He and Fitz, for their respective losses, they roll up their sleeves and get a little crazy for the political opposition and get incredibly intent on a very fierce and eclectic political agenda in the early episodes.

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Guillermo Diaz (Huck)

That sexual tension between Quinn and Huck isn't going anywhere. You're going to see how Abby's, Quinn's and Huck's lives have changed with Olivia's absence at the office, which is sad and interesting. You're going to see how all the characters deal with Harrison's death. Shonda wrote such a special episode and it's a lovely tribute to Columbus [Short] and the character and a nice send-off. As for Kim, we haven't really touched on it but I can't imagine that Shonda is not going to write another brilliant episode like "752." Our show is all about flashbacks, so I'm sure we're going to flash back and see what happens. Huck is a little scruffier in season four.

Katie Lowes (Quinn)

Is she or is she not a Gladiator? I don't know where her heart lies. She was B613. Huck cut her out of his life again at the end. But then OPA explodes upon itself and doesn't exist any]more. So is there even a Gladiator to be?! You'll see in the premiere!

Jon Tenney (Andrew)

I'm back this year and that's all I can say! I don't think Andrew is at peace yet with where he and Mellie are.

Joe Morton (Rowan)

More of the same.

George Newbern (Charlie)

His hands get dirtier. He's elbows deep in blood.

Portia de Rossi (Unknown)

She's a very powerful woman in D.C. and she stirs it up.

Scandal returns Thursday at its new time, 9 p.m., on ABC.

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