'Scandal': Who Leaked the Photos of Olivia and Fitz?

Scandal S05E02 Still  - H 2015
Eric McCandless/ABC

Scandal S05E02 Still  - H 2015

Fitz and Olivia are about to have everything they wanted on ABC's Scandal, only the timing is anything but ideal.

After agreeing to get their affairs in order before going public with their romance, someone leaked photos of the president and his mistress to former vice president Sally Langston to reveal on her new talk show.

As diehard Gladiators may recall, Fitz originally leaked photos of them together during season three — an idea originally conceived by pro fixer Olivia — in order to protect her from first lady Mellie Grant. So who did it this time? Nearly everyone has motive. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the cast to get their thoughts on who the likely culprit is as this week sees POTUS taking on the case in an episode directed by Tony Goldwyn.

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Tony Goldwyn (Fitz): I think it must be Mellie, that'd be my guess and certainly would be Fitz's guess. Fitz could have — he did that once before. This time, whether it sticks or not, they've verbally committed to one another. Fitz is very invested in that committed path. How Olivia will be able to handle it is going to be an open question. It puts incredible pressure on her.

Bellamy Young (Mellie): Verna (the Supreme Court justice played by Debra Mooney that Fitz murdered) planted a time capsule and it had some sort of strange feed to the interior of the White House and a great reporter dug it up. But Mellie has a lot to gain — though there are plenty of other people who would also profit by that all coming out. They wouldn't necessary be hell-bent on the demise of the relationship but definitely on the power. It's D.C., it's all about power, right? Make no mistake, I'm sure Mellie is not sad that their relationship has been leaked. Especially from as much as she's hurting after Fitz gleefully served her [with divorce papers]. He was so happy to give her those papers. He's a quitter!

Darby Stanchfield (Abby): Papa Pope (Joe Morton). He's the source of all evil. He is the Puppet Master. I'd put all my chips on him. Abby is so mad right now [that Olivia is in the White House interfering with her job]. This friendship she has, and this ultimate betrayal when she threw her under the bus when Abby was up at the podium. But Abby is blind with anger and we'll see that for a while, but I wouldn't put my bet on Abby [leaking the photos]. But Mellie? That's too predictable.

Katie Lowes (Quinn): Scandal is so good at screwing you over; no one is right! I have no idea! But I'll go with Lizzie Bear (Portia De Rossi) because we've seen her super cutthroat behavior in the past.  

Guillermo Diaz (Huck): Mellie. It would make her seem like a sympathetic character and people would feel sorry for her.

Josh Malina (David): David will concentrate on the investigation of who leaked the photos. I'm going to say Harrison, from the grave! I'm playing it safe!

Portia De Rossi (Elizabeth): You should be thinking about people who aren't that thrilled about Olivia being in the White House. Fitz may even have motive, in a weird way — if he wants to force his hand. It can go any way!

Joe Morton (Rowan): Someone on the inside had to do it. My first guess would be Elizabeth (Portia De Rossi). The difficulty is I don't know what she'd gain from that. Olivia and Fitz have made so many enemies that it's hard to say, but obviously it's got to be someone on the inside. I don't think it's Cyrus (Jeff Perry), he wouldn't have any way to do that. Mellie (Bellamy Young) or Sally (Kate Burton) would also be obvious choices.

George Newbern (Charlie): Brian Letscher's Tom Larsen. I think he'll come back, he's too good.

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