'Scandal': Will the B613 Files Help Fix Huck?

Guillermo Diaz Scandal - H 2012

Guillermo Diaz Scandal - H 2012

Scandal's stray dog Huck (Guillermo Diaz) is trying to go home again.

During season four's midseason finale, OPA's biggest weapon handed over incriminating B613 files to his estranged wife, Kim (Jasika Nicole), in a bid to prove to her that he's not crazy and part of an exclusive black-ops group that took his family away from him.

The contents of the files — a gift from Charlie (George Newbern) to Quinn (Katie Lowes), who turned them over to her face-licking fellow Gladiator — likely outline all the insane misdeeds Huck and his fellow B613 operatives have done. But is giving the smoking gun that could cripple the Republic going to help convince Kim that Huck isn't lying about his past? Moreover, will that kind of evidence help Kim take Huck back and give the damaged Gladiator an opportunity to be the loving husband and father he was pre-B613?

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"I'd hope," Diaz told The Hollywood Reporter during a set visit for Scandal's midseason finale. "There's a bit of relief there that at least Huck knows that Kim doesn't think he's a crazy man. I think Huck could be repaired; but I don't know if he can be fixed. I don't think so. I think there's too much damage that has been done. I think there's a way to change how Huck reacts to things; he can learn to approach situations differently than he did in the past, which is something to look forward to in a way."

How Kim responds to the graphic and gross injustices her formerly presumed dead husband committed that's likely outlined in the files, however, remains unclear. Will she believe him? Perhaps more important, how will his killer misdeeds impact his relationship with son Javi, who was a first-hand witness to Huck's dark line of work.

"All that information about what Huck has done and all the people he's killed and tortured, all that stuff is still in there. He's the man that did all those things," Diaz says. "But I still see somewhat of a light at the end of the tunnel and I think with time, Kim's feelings about what Huck has done may heal. Hopefully she will allow him to see Javi again."

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While viewers will have to wait until Scandal returns on Jan. 29 to find out if there's hope for Huck, Kim and Javi, there is one thing the B613 files have already done: repair Huck's relationship with Quinn.

Diehard Gladiators will recall that, thanks to Charlie, Quinn was the one who showed Huck that Kim and Javi were alive and well — after which Huck wanted nothing to do with Quinn.

"It repairs their relationship a little bit," Diaz says. "There's still somewhat of a spark between Huck and Quinn that isn't going away anytime soon. I really think he'd be happy that she did that. I know he was upset when Quinn brought Huck to his family's house and he was upset but this is different."

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So with potential reconciliations with Quinn as well as his family an option, can this tormented soul ever truly be happy?

"I don't think so," Diaz says. "I don't know if I want him to be happy. Huck reminds me of when you first start a puzzle and pour all the pieces on a table and it's so confusing and complicated. You might be able to put part of the puzzle together but I think he's going to be complicated and confused for a long time. I don't think he's got a typical happy ending coming up anytime soon. But that's what makes him so interesting."

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