'Scandal's' Second 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' 'Escandalo' Mocks Fitz (Video)

The multiple-part Spanish-language spoof will continue next week when Darby Stanchfield guests.
Courtesy of ABC
"Scandal's" Tony Goldwyn

ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! continued to take advantage of fresh episodes of Scandal on Thursday, featuring Bellamy Young in its second episode of Escandalo.

Following last week's debut of the Spanish-language spoof, Scandal star Tony Goldwyn joined the hijinks for the second of the four-part series.

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This week, Escandalo poked fun at Goldwyn's scandalous President Fitzgerald Grant when the actor behind the leader of the free world played a nurse about to smother the president. It's a fun jab at Fitz, who as diehard fans will recall, smothered Supreme Court Justice Verna to death.

Check out part one of Escandalo here and part two below. Next week, Kimmel welcomes Darby Stanchfield (Abby) in part three of the viral video series during which Kerry Washington (Olivia) is joined by co-stars Scott Foley (Jake) and Jeff Perry (Cyrus).

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