Science Channel Announces Russian Meteor Explosion Special

Meteorite Russia Video - H 2013
CBS News

Meteorite Russia Video - H 2013

On Friday, viewers worldwide saw incredible videos of a falling meteor in central Russia -- an event that reportedly left over 1,200 people wounded. The same day, a 150-foot asteroid went soaring past Earth at a distance of 17,500 miles, according to NASA, which monitored the event.

As both events continue to draw headlines, Discovery Communications Science Channel is looking to capitalize on the attention.

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The channel announced that it is planning to air a special on Saturday that focuses on the meteor explosion in Russia and poses questions such as whether the two space events are related. (NASA has already said they're not.)

The special will gather scientists, physicists and astronomers to explain the phenomena, the channel stated. 

The Science Channel special will air on Saturday, Feb. 16, at 8 pm EST.