Science Channel Greenlights 'Houdini's Last Secrets' Docuseries (Exclusive)

Houdini Science Channel - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of Science Channel

Houdini's Last Secrets, a docuseries about famed magician Harry Houdini's methods, is coming to Science Channel.

The show will feature commentary from magicians, engineers and illusionists, as well as a descendant of Houdini's, in an attempt to uncover the science behind some of his most mind-boggling stunts. 

Magician Lee Terbosic, stunt-builder Steve Wolf and Houdini's grand-nephew George Hardeen will participate in the four-part series, which seeks to unravel the mystery around the man who caught a speeding bullet, survived live burial and imprisoned himself inside a water tank, spurring celebrity and conspiracy theories. The show will also look into the late magician's personal life, through authentic scrapbooks, letters and pictures, to piece together his legacy.

“Harry Houdini is the definition of mind-blowing,” said Science Channel GM Marc Etkind in a statement. “He was clearly ahead of his time when it came to using engineering to accomplish his stunts, so much so that his methods continue to be debated by today’s master magicians. It’s no wonder that just the name Houdini still stirs the imagination of people, nearly a century after his death.”

Each episode in the series will focus on one of Houdini's death-defying tricks, with the premiere centering on his famous water torture cell escape. The remainder of the episodes will explore more stunts, including burning alive, live burial and catching a bullet.

Houdini's Last Secrets is set to premiere Jan. 6 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

The series is produced by Megalomedia for Science Channel. Executive producers for Megalomedia are Jonathan Zowaradan and David Barsky, and Wyatt Channell is executive producer for Science Channel.