Science Channel Greenlights Two 'Survivorman' Specials (Exclusive)

Les Stroud will host "Survivorman & Son" and "Survivorman Stalking Sasquatch," debuting next year.
Les Stroud

Science Channel is adding more Survivorman to its schedule.

The Discovery Communications-owned network has greenlighted two new specials hosted by survival expert Les Stroud. Survivorman & Son and Survivorman Stalking Sasquatch are set to debut in the first-quarter 2014.

The specials feature Stroud out in nature, subject to unpredictable environments with only his survival knowledge to keep him alive. Viewers will get an inside look at how he gets out of precarious predicaments.

In Survivorman & Son, Stroud sets out to teach his 15-year-old son, Logan -- who thinks he knows everything about his father's profession -- how to endure the elements with no food, heat, shelter or water over the course of five days.

In Survivorman Stalking Sasquatch, a two-part special, Stroud goes deep into the territory of the infamous Bigfoot to survive with few supplies and even fewer rations, "smack dab in the middle of the monster’s hotspots." He also will delve into the truth behind the legend as he investigates the whereabouts of this infamous creature.

"Since premiering in 2005, Les Stroud and the Survivorman series have been great partners for Science Channel," said Debbie Myers, general manager and executive vp at the network. "He is a true original and a pioneer of the survivor genre. Les is the perfect host, often risking his life to break down the science of survival.”

Added Stroud: “These new specials push me to go further than I have ever gone before. I am very excited to take viewers with me on this new journey of discovery.”

Both specials are produced by Les Stroud Productions, with Stroud executive producing. The creative team also includes executive producer Barry Farrell and vp production Wendy Turner; Bernadette McDaid, Joshua C. Berkley and Myers are executive producers for Science Channel.