Science Channel Sets Same-Day Special Timed to Mars Landing (Exclusive)

The network will broadcast a presentation featuring same-day footage from NASA's JPL following the historic landing of the Mars Curiosity Mission on Monday.

The Science Channel isn't wasting any time broadcasting footage from NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab after Monday's scheduled historic Mars Curiosity Mission.

The network will quickly turn around for broadcast Monday at 10 p.m. footage of what's being hailed as the "most complex Mars mission to date" when the Mars Science Laboratory spacecraft Curiosity transports the largest ever landing craft and research payload to Mars. The mission promises insights to help scientists determine the possibility of life on Mars -- both past and present.

The special, Mars Landing 2012: The New Search for Life, will feature interviews with leaders of the mission from JPL at the California Institute of Technology and be hosted by Dan Riskin and Ziya Tong as the Curiosity attempts to touch down on Mars' Gale Crater.

"Science is completely obsessed with the exploration of Mars," said Debbie Adler Myers, GM and EVP at Science. "This mission represents the precursor of human exploration to Mars. We are thrilled to partner with NASA and the team at JPL on this project as this mission is enormously important to the future of our space program, the future of science and the future of mankind as we know it."

In addition to interviews with experts, the co-production with Discovery Canada will also offer private access to mission personnel and a 360-degree look at the fusion of science, technology and innovative minds necessary to bring the mission to life.

The New Search for Life joins National Geographic's Martian Mega Rover, which is set for Aug. 9 and will highlight the same journey.

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