Comic-Con: 'Scream Queens' Team Reveals 3-Year Time Jump; Cecily Strong to Guest-Star

SCREAM QUEENS Episodic - H 2015
Steve Dietl/FOX

Colton Haynes isn't the only celebrity patient checking into the hospital on season two of Scream Queens.

Saturday Night Live's Cecily Strong is also set to guest-star in the comedy-horror anthology series, co-creator Ian Brennan revealed Friday at Comic-Con.

Haynes revealed his casting early Friday. New castmember John Stamos joked about his former Full House co-stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen also playing celebrity patients, but he quickly clarified it was a joke. "I can't even get them on my show," he said about the Olsen twins' decision not to appear on Fuller House.

The cast of the series, along with Brennan, offered more teases about the new season, which will time-jump ahead three years. Season two will also see the setting move from a sorority house to a hospital that used to be an asylum. However, the universe and therefore the characters are the same.

Jamie Lee Curtis' Dean Munsch parlays her new fame and success to buy the hospital. "It's sort of unclear what her reasoning is," Brennan said. "There's a gray area there."

Keke Palmer's character Zayday is now a med student at the hospital. "She's there to help Dean Munsch," Palmer teased. "She says, 'You know what? I believe in you.' "  

Things aren't going so well for the Chanels, however, who are in a "low-status position" in the new season according to Brennan. "They have fallen from glamour," star Emma Roberts said. "It's really funny seeing them trying to hold onto their style when they have no money. They have to work, which is something really foreign to them."

Added Roberts of the Chanels' bond this season: "They're not as besties but they're on good terms this season at least."

Roberts teased some fashion hospital gear for the girls, including pink capes and fur stethoscopes.

The biggest question mark is season's one killer, Hester (Lea Michele). "When we come back, we don’t know where Hester is," Brennan said. Michele said she still shares scenes with the other castmembers even though she may not be at the hospital herself. "My costume is very comfortable and I have a fun new accessory to play with," Michele teased.

When asked about whether the red devil will return, Brennan was coy. "We hadn’t planned on it but you never know," he said. "It’s a different killer this year, the look is different, the color is different."

As for the new characters, Stamos and Taylor Lautner both play doctors. Stamos' character is "the recipient of the world's first complete hand transplant." Stamos also teased a shower scene with Glen Powell's character, Chad.

When asked how season two compares to season one, this new installment will be "bloodier and funnier," according to Brennan. "I think we're leaning into the creepiness a little more and a little bit more into the comedy as well."

Palmer went further, saying the mystery factor is higher in season two. "The mystery aspect with the killer is much higher this season," she said. "In this one it's like what's going on? Where is this happening and why is this happening?"

Speaking about season two, Curtis praised the switch in scenery. "We all thought, 'OK, season two, we're back at Kappa.' Honestly, to be back at Kappa would feel redundant," she said. "As soon as we started working, this drastic right turn into this whole other world has felt like of course we're here now.…  The comedy is the same and the characters are the same, yet the world is 100 percent different."

Scream Queens returns for season two Tuesday, Sept. 20, 9 p.m. on Fox.