'Scream' Season 2: Who's the New Ghostface?

THR ranks the likely candidates using the new season two trailer as evidence.
Courtesy of MTV

There's a new killer on Scream, and this time, everyone's a suspect.

When MTV's adaptation of Wes Craven's feature film franchise returns for season two under new showrunners Michael Gans and Richard Register, someone new has picked up the Ghostface mask to terrorize the town of Lakewood.

Season two picks up a few months after Piper Shaw (Amelia Rose Blaire) was revealed as the killer as she sought to avenge her father's death. Since Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) killed Piper in self-defense in the season one finale, that means anyone can be the face under the mask this time.

When Emma returns to Lakewood after spending months at a retreat, attempting to get over the trauma of killing Piper, her goal is to have everything return to normal. But since a new Ghostface promises that "they're all gonna die" in the new season two trailer, normal is pretty much the last thing Emma is going to find this year.

Since speculation ran wild last season trying to figure out the identity of the person underneath the Ghostface mask before it was finally revealed in the season finale, The Hollywood Reporter attempted to rank all the likely candidates of season two's Ghostface, using only the new trailer as evidence.

Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus): The most likely candidate for the new Ghostface is the only person hiding secrets from season one. Based on the new trailer, Audrey is either being blackmailed by the new Ghostface or, more likely, someone who figured out her secret connection to Piper. Since Noah seems hell bent on his theory that someone helped Piper and is still at large, maybe he's discovered Audrey's dark secret and is trying to convince her to come clean. So if she's not being blackmailed by the new Ghostface, that means she could essentially be the new Ghostface, trying to finish what her former ally Piper couldn't before her death. She is shown standing over a bloody corpse in the trailer. Did she kill that person herself, or just discover the body? She also sees (and kisses) a hallucination of her dead girlfriend, so maybe she's just gone crazy and decided to murder everyone for revenge of her own.

Emma: Clearly scarred from the events of season one, could it be the damsel in distress is actually the killer targeting the people of Lakewood in season two? Throughout season one, the most popular theory among fans was that Emma was suffering from a split personality disorder, and was unaware that she was actually the one committing the crimes. That was obviously proven wrong once Piper was revealed as the killer, but maybe it's right this time around. The trailer reveals that Emma is having strange, disturbing, bloody dreams, even questioning her own sanity. Has she finally snapped after the trauma of last season? The final shot of the trailer seems to argue that, as Emma smirks while holding the Ghostface mask up to her face. But that could just be a promotional image and not footage from the actual season.

Troy James: In the trailer, Noah (John Karna) reveals to Emma that Brandon James had a brother named Troy. The footage then cuts to a man putting on a mask. Has Troy come to Lakewood looking for revenge for the death of his brother and niece or is Noah barking up the wrong tree? The new killer is more likely someone we've already met, like Piper in season one, so is Troy the real identity of a character we already know or will meet in the new season? There are a ton of new characters being introduced in the premiere, so any one of them could be Troy in disguise.

Jake (Tom Maden): Although Jake has proven he has pretty low standards when it comes to morality, there's no evidence (yet) that Jake has taken up murder as a new hobby, especially since his new relationship with Brooke (Carlson Young) is something he's been looking forward to for a long time. There's also no evidence in the trailer that suggests he's the new killer. 

Kieran (Amadeus Serafini): Emma's boyfriend may have seemed shady in season one, but it has already been definitively proven that he's truly a good guy. Unless he cracked after the events of last season, it's probably not him under the new mask. Based on the trailer, like Jake, he's more interested in his relationship with Emma than any kind of personal vendetta.

Brooke: Since she's shown covered in blood, screaming in terror in one shot and about to open the door on the new Ghostface in another shot in the trailer, it's highly unlikely this bad girl has picked up the knife and mask this time around. She'll be more concerned with hiding her new relationship with Jake from her father.

Noah: Obsessed with finding out the truth about the murders from last season, it's more likely that Noah will expose his best friend Audrey for her part in the crimes of season one rather than add to the already growing list of victims. This horror movie super-fan is looking for justice, not revenge or chaos. Unfortunately, that also puts him right at the top of the list of the characters most likely to die at the hands of Ghostface this season.

Who do you think is under the mask this season on Scream? Let us know your predictions in the comments section below. Scream season two premieres Monday, May 30 at 11 p.m. on MTV.