Sean Hannity Defends 'Old-Fashioned Discipline' In Discussing Fired Rutgers Coach (Video)

Sean Hannity
Mark Sullivan/Getty Images

Fox News host Sean Hannity is far out ahead of the cable news competition.

On his Fox News show Wednesday, Sean Hannity disagreed with the actions of fired Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice, but also defended the notion of "old-fashioned discipline."

In discussing Rice -- who was fired after a video surfaced showing the coach using offensive language and verbally and physically abusing players -- Hannity framed the issue as a matter of political correctness.

"I'm watching this and I'm thinking, all right, I don't like it, he kicked one player there, but on the other hand, you know what? I kind of like old-fashioned discipline on the other hand," Hannity said. "I mean, we've become that politically incorrect? These are adults and they don't want to play for that team, they can leave."

"I can understand, stop hitting them, maybe, but I like the intensity, I like the drive, I like that he's pushing those kids and he runs a tight ship. Maybe -- maybe we need a little more discipline in society and maybe we don't have to be a bunch of wimps for the rest of our lives," Hannity said. "My father hit me with a belt and I turned out OK."

Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin was a guest on the program and concurred with Hannity, noting that she had been hit "with more than a belt." She added: "I'm sure the left thinks we are warped minds because of that."

Watch below: