Sean Hannity Digs Up Old 'Man Show' Comedy Sketches in Ongoing Feud With Jimmy Kimmel

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Screengrab/Fox News

Sean Hannity took his days-long feud with Jimmy Kimmel to a new level Friday night on Hannity when the host presented racy old TV sketches featuring Kimmel.

"Tonight we're going to pound him with his own words.... I don't take pleasure in this, but I have had it with the unrelenting hypocrisy," Hannity said at the top of the hour, telling viewers that the ongoing argument was not, for him, about a bruised ego but about his desire to see the Live! host apologize to Melania Trump.

Hannity ran seven sketches from Comedy Central's 1999-2004 comedy show The Man Show, which both satirized and paid tribute to crass male behavior and was co-hosted by Kimmel. Hannity played one clip where Kimmel asked women on the street to guess what was in his pants and made suggestive comments, another where Kimmel interviewed women about their feelings on penis size while wearing a protruding object in his pants, one where Kimmel asked random women if they would like to have sex with him, one where he asked random people about what underwear they had on that day, one where he asked a soon-to-be-married couple about their sex life and a scene in which Kimmel visited rapper Snoop Dogg's house and made a crass joke about a standing cigarette holder shaped like a woman.

Hannity also brought out a sketch from The Man Show in which Kimmel, in blackface, pretended to be former NBA player Karl Malone and did not use grammatically correct conjugations or possessives when talking.

"I'm throwing down the gauntlet. I'm not going to stop. .... It's not going to end with me. it's going to end when he apologizes to Melania Trump," Hannity said at the end of the segment.

Hannity additionally defended himself against Kimmel's claims that he supported former Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who was accused of sexual misconduct with minors, saying he "pressed" Moore on the allegations on his show. He additionally called Kimmel a "pervert" throughout the program in between clips of The Man Show.

In response, Kimmel tweeted after the opening monologue, "Dear @SeanHannity thx for the trip down Man Show memory lane. The idea that YOU'd call ANYONE a 'pervert' while slobbering over Trump, Ailes, O’Reilly and, YES, Roy Moore – who you DID SUPPORT is, to quote a fella you love very much, 'Sad!' #nobodyissafefromKimmelspervertedwrath."

The fight began Wednesday, when Hannity aired a segment on his show that criticized Monday's episode of Live!, in which Kimmel joked about first lady Melania Trump's accent while she read a book to children at the White House Easter Egg roll. "You know what this means: You could be first lady of the United States," he told his audience. Hannity called the remarks "disgraceful" and the host an "ass clown" on Fox. 

On Thurday night, Kimmel fired back on Live!, arguing that Hannity was hypocritical to criticize his jokes about the first lady given the Fox News host's support of harsh immigration laws. All of Friday, the show hosts traded jabs, with Hannity attacking Kimmel's former Man Show sketches and his late-night show's ratings. Kimmel responded on Twitter, calling the Fox News personality a bully.