Sean Hayes and James Corden Perform "Little Drummer Boy" Parody About Michael Rapaport

The Late Late Show with James Corden - Sean Hayes- Publicity-H 2018
Terence Patrick/CBS

Sean Hayes joined James Corden for a Michael Rapaport-inspired performance of "Little Drummer Boy" on Monday's episode of The Late Late Show.

The segment took cues from a famous video of Bing Crosby and David Bowie performing their 1977 cover of the song. In the original video, Bowie visited a friend's house and mistook Crosby for the butler. The two legendary singers discussed their favorite parts of the holiday season before singing the duet.

The Late Late Show clip opened with Corden decorating a Christmas tree. Hayes then walked into the house and addressed the host. "Hi, James. What are you doing?" he asked.

Corden explained that he had been decorating the tree for hours. He then told his guest that he loves the holidays. "Christmas time is always full of such warmth and joy," agreed Hayes.

"It is, isn't it?" said Corden. "But more than that, more than anything else, it makes me think about a certain special person who, let's be honest, Christmas is really all about."

The host quickly explained that the person he was referring to was actor Michael Rapaport. "Well, of course," said Hayes. "What would Christmas be without the actor Michael Rapaport?"

The men made their way to a grand piano, which had a framed photo of the Atypical actor placed on it. Corden hit a key before the music for "Little Drummer Boy" began to play. "Come they told me, Michael Ra-pa-pa-port/ A newborn king to see, Michael Ra-pa-pa-port," they sang in a perfect harmony. "Our final gifts we bring, Michael Ra-pa-pa-pa-port, Ra-pa-pa-pa-port, Ra-pa-pa-pa-port."

A man dressed in a drum line uniform walked through the front door to accompany the performance.

Hayes and Corden embraced each other as they continued to sing. "Every child must be made aware/ Every child must be made to care/ For the actor Michael Rapaport," they harmonized. "To give him all our love and support."

"I wonder what Michael Rapaport is doing right now," said Hayes.

"Gee, I don't know, Sean Hayes, but I hope wherever he is, he's safe and warm," said Corden.

The men continued to sing the chorus as The Late Late Show's bandleader and announcer Reggie Watts walked into the house. He was dressed as an angel and held a candle.

"Merry Christmas, Michael Rapaport," said Hayes at the conclusion of the performance.

Watch the full segment below.