Sean Spicer's Hitler Gaffe Gets 'Veep' Treatment

"This feels like an Emmy-winning episode to me," said star Julia Louis-Dreyfus of the mashup video.
Courtesy of HBO
Julia Louis-Dreyfus on 'Veep'

Move over Mike McLintock, there's a new, bumbling White House press secretary in town.

Sean Spicer's outrageous comments about Adolf Hitler from Tuesday's press briefing have been mashed up with the closing credits of HBO's Veep, thanks to one savvy YouTube user.

In the clip posted Tuesday, Dan Ketchum spliced Spicer's comment that Adolf Hitler did not use chemical weapons with the recognizable theme music and a few scenes from the political satire. 

"Siri, why does God allow suffering?" Veep's press secretary McLintock (Matt Walsh) is shown asking into his iPhone after the footage of Spicer's gaffe from the real White House briefing room.

Then, as Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) rolls her eyes, Jonah Ryan (Timothy Simons) asks her, "Ma'am, this morning he told me that Jews cause hurricanes?"

The clip ends with a memorable scene of Meyer berating members of her staff.

Ketchum said he was inspired by a Trump-Veep mashup video posted earlier this month when Trump forgot to sign his own executive orders.

With the sixth season of the HBO comedy set to premiere this Sunday, showrunner David Mandel has stressed that, despite the show's political backdrop, viewers shouldn't expect Veep to be Saturday Night Live. "If we try and make a joke about Trump on Veep it will be old by the time it airs,” he said recently.

Instead, Mandel and his cast turned to Twitter as the real-life conundrum unfolded (see below).

On Wednesday, Spicer, who had attempted to clarify his comments during the briefing and offered a later apology on CNN, continued to apologize about the insensitive comparison, telling MSNBC's Greta Van Susteren that he had let many people, including Trump, down and asked for forgiveness.


THR later asked Mandel if he thought the gaffe was ripe for getting the future Veep treatment, and he explained why the moment is much better suited for Saturday Night Livewhich brought in Melissa McCarthy for its skewering.

"There will be people that won’t understand why we’re not just having Mike do that Hitler story," he said. "Even if we thought that was a good idea, you wouldn’t see it for a year from now — so it’s not such a good idea."

Read the full Q&A with Mandel on the Veep season six premiere here.

April 16: Updated with Mandel quote.