'The Secret Circle' Boss: Season Finale is 'An Invitation to an Entirely New World'

The Secret Circle Family - H 2012
Marcel Williams/The CW

The Secret Circle Family - H 2012

The Secret Circle wraps up its rookie season with a season finale that series creator Andrew Miller describes as "defining."

"The episode starts off fast with Faye being kidnapped and never really stops," Miller told The Hollywood Reporter in previewing tonight's episode. But ultimately, it will be eye-opening for main protagonist, Cassie, who will be forced to determine just who she is by the end of the hour. "For Cassie, it’s about her becoming a woman and her empowerment."

Miller offered hints as to what a possible season two could look like, and even offered clues as to what the final image of the finale is -- and whether there will be a fundamental shift in story should Secret Circle continue.

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The Hollywood Reporter: You co-wrote the season finale, "Family." Were there specifics you had in mind that had to be addressed or wrapped up?

Andrew Miller: From the get-go we wanted a finale that satisfied all the questions that our fans have had over the season. It’s one thing to be fun and sneaky about bringing in all these mysterious elements 16 years ago, Blackwell and the parents. It wouldn’t feel right to skip past the finale and not deal with that. The great part about having 22 episodes is you’ve got plenty of time to lay out a story and it feels like it’s only responsible to address that story completely by the end. But, because we desperately want to have another season, we wanted to do it in a way that when we answer the questions in front of us, they create new questions as we hopefully move forward to season two.

THR: What was the one question you thought was the most important to address in the final episode?

Miller: Probably who John Blackwell really is, what he really wants and what that means. Finding out what Blackwell wants is interesting anyway but how that’s tied in directly to Cassie and Diana is what makes this episode interesting. It’s them defining themselves as witches and as people that propel this series. Blackwell ultimately becomes a powerful way to examine the choices that Cassie has to make and now Diana. And ultimately how that affects the entire circle. Now that [Cassie's] told who she is, she has to define who she wants to be. What we do in the finale is put that question to Cassie and make her decide: Is she dark? Is it dark magic or light magic? Is she good or bad? Is she going to protect the family she has by blood or the family she’s created by choice? These are all the things that define a person and that’s what we wanted to see Cassie deal with.

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THR: You brought up Diana. Has there been a shift with that specific character and her relationship with everybody else in the circle once the Balcoin reveal was made? How did that affect her story?

Miller: [Diana and Cassie's] relationship was starting to shift for a while now. This news just pushes it further. From Diana’s perspective, she’s at a point where she is saying, “I don’t want anything to do with her," and now that I’m told I’m the same as her and share the same blood it’s become this cautionary tale to Cassie. Diana now is desperately struggling to not walk down that same path that she saw Cassie walk down, or desperately avoid the slippery slope that Cassie has slid down already.

THR: Nick returned briefly as a man possessed. What has the reaction been to his arc that recently took place?

Miller: I think people wanted to see Nick back. Some people wanted to see him back longer but we didn’t want to start randomly bringing people back from the dead. Once you start opening that door, it’s hard to close it. With Nick, the only way we could justify his return was he wasn’t coming back as himself. Because of that it felt too difficult to sustain him as a character because you have this devil guy running around yelling at people and that didn’t seem fun. His return was always going to be short-lived because we knew that the lifespan of the shell of a man once known as Nick couldn’t sustain himself for very long. We were glad to have him and it felt like we needed a reminder of what these kids have done and are capable of and the stakes that if you mess around with magic, someone is going to get burned, literally and figuratively.

THR: Will there be a fundamental shift that will take place by the end of the episode that will propel into season two?

Miller: This season is about people being stuck together and trying to become stronger as a group than they are individuals. By the end of this season they will not be stuck together anymore and they’ll have to decide whether it’s worth being together or not. They where stuck together as family because of the binding ritual and their lineage. Now they’re at a place where they’re so different, they’ve grown up so much, they’ve grown apart in many cases and then by the end of this episode, how much they really need each other is up for grabs. We’ll see why it’s so key that they do need each other.

THR: What can you tease to the final image is in the finale?

Miller: I can’t say much but the final image of the finale is an invitation to an entirely new world next season.

THR: Like literally a new city, a new setting?

Miller: I can’t say that specifically, but that dramatic. When you ask if there’s a major shift, there absolutely is. And it takes the whole episode to get them in a place where that means something and when it happens, it happens big.

THR: What kind of emotions do you want people to be left with?

Miller: Ideally, I want them to be desperate to see how the story unfolds. I want people to feel like we’ve taken the characters further than they were expecting the characters to go and dying to see them in the next chapter of the story.

THR: What can you say about where Cassie is in terms of her romantic life? I’m assuming it won't be all rainbows.

Miller: There will be rainbows for some people. For Cassie, it’s more about what she’s asked to do in this episode and it kind of knocks out romance for her. Having said that, there will be these brief but incredibly important moments with people that she’s had relationships with before that speaks to next season. For Cassie, it’s about her becoming a woman and her empowerment. While romance has played a part in that, this episode is about Cassie defining herself as an adult.

THR: It seems like you already have a blueprint for season two ...

Miller: Yes, again, the books are a great starting place. We’ve discovered so much about the characters and in this last bunch of episodes, have expanded the world to place where there’s just a ton of stories to tell now.

The Secret Circle airs its season finale Thursday at 9 p.m. on The CW.

Blackwell’s reemergence," executive producer tells THR of Cassie and Adam's prospects."]