'The Secret Circle': Shelley Hennig Teases 'New Love in the Air,' Potential Adam-Diana Reunion and Causing Mischief (Q&A)

The actress also chats with THR about "inevitable" family moments with Charles, theories on the new Blackwell sibling and why she's Team Diana.
Sergi Bachlakov/The CW
"The Secret Circle"

Witches just want to have fun -- at least on The Secret Circle.

After weeks and weeks of doom and gloom, the girls loosen up, first at a birthday party for Adam and next at an anti-Valentine's Day party. Co-star Shelley Hennig, who plays the seemingly perfect daughter/friend/girlfriend Diana on the CW drama, told The Hollywood Reporter that the normally responsible teen will take a ride on the wilder side, thanks to fellow friend: "Melissa sees that Diana's on edge and decides, 'Listen, I've got a little something to take the edge off.' "

But Diana, who gave permission to ex-boyfriend Adam to pursue new Chance Harbor resident Cassie, may finally be ready to move on to bigger and better things. "Diana's trying to move on right now to save her heart and maybe someone will sweep her off her feet," she teased.

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Hennig also chatted about Thursday's episode, "Medallion"; the love triangle (square?) between Adam, Cassie and bad boy Jake; and whether there will be pivotal father-daughter moments between Diana and Charles. (Read Gale Harold's interview with THR here.)

The Hollywood Reporter: Diana loosens up a little more and gets into some mischief at the anti-Valentine's Day party (airing Feb. 9). Fair to say?

Shelley Hennig: That's very fair to say. It's a good idea, an anti-Valentine's Day party. That's exactly what the girls in the circle feel and it's perfect timing for everybody, though Cassie seems to have more people pining away for her than for Diana. Melissa sees that Diana's on edge and decides, "Listen, I've got a little something to take the edge off" and it shows you the place Diana's at for her to give in and go, "OK, I'll try the drug." When we shot [the episode], there was a lot of laughter going on so I'd imagine [it's much more comedic]. I haven't seen it but I'd say it'll be a lighter episode.

THR: Melissa and Diana are really going back to their friendship. Will that continue in future episodes?

Hennig: Yea, you really see Diana and Melissa's relationship evolve and you'll see a little bit about their past. I think they're a good pair and I can't wait to see where that goes.

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THR: What is Diana's take on the triangle that's formed with Adam, Cassie and Jake?

Hennig: I think Diana's a smart girl and mature for her age, so she understands everything that's happening and she's just making the best deicsions for Diana and for Adam -- and the best decision is to give Adam the OK to explore what he has with Cassie because Diana doesn't want to be with somebody who doesn't want to be with her, so she's testing this out. Diana doesn't think things are completely done for her and Adam, and obviously I'm Team Diana, so I think you'll see their relationship unfold It goes into some interesting places and places that aren't typical for television. Diana loves Cassie, so she's really caught in the middle. Who knows? Maybe all of this will get to her and she will think everything is ridiculous and she'll let go, but as of now, it's cool to see different relationships evolve and going in a way no one really expects.

THR: Diana does seem to a clearer view of what's going on than the others ...

Hennig: She was the first one to find out they were witches. But there has been a chance in the circle since Cassie arrived; Cassie has the most power. At the end of the day, Diana isn't the leader she once was, but because she has to be, she knows where she belongs in every relationship. She's not going to relate to something more than what it is, for her own benefit. She's going to make, easily, the better decision than anybody else.

THR: What's on the horizon for Diana?

Hennig: Maybe some new love in the air for Diana. Diana's trying to move on right now to save her heart and maybe someone will sweep her off her feet. Maybe a new person. I don't know yet [if this person is completely different from Adam]. Diana is making a decision to move on, not necessarily with a guy, but there may be a chance that someone comes into Chance Harbor and opens her mind up a little -- to create more triangles with Adam.

THR: Theories on the new Blackwell sibling?

Hennig: It could be anybody. Anybody would be perfect for it because you can always spin it in whatever possible way. From episode 1, to episode 16, [which] we're shooting now, you never know which way it's going to go, so I have no clue.

THR: Will there be more father-daughter moments between Charles and Diana?

Hennig: I'm sure there is. It's envitable to explore Diana and Charles, especially because Charles is so opposite of Diana from what we've seen. It would be interesting to see if there's more Charles in Diana or if there's more Diana in Charles. I much prefer to see more Charles in Diana.

THR: Diana also isn't aware that Charles is practicing. Will she find out at some point?

Hennig: Yes, they don't know if their parents are practicing.

THR: Do you recall a scene that sticks out in coming episodes?

Hennig: There's a scene in Thursday's episode, which is at a birthday party for Adam, and it's more Diana stuff I'm looking forward to seeing. The slumber party was so much fun to shoot so I'm petrified to see it because they told me to really let loose and I really did, so I have no idea how that's going to look. It will be fun to see how it all unfolds with the editing.

The Secret Circle airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on the CW.