'The Secret Circle': Gale Harold Teases 'Shocking' Blackwell Reveal, Finale Predicaments

"It leaves everyone sort of looking down the barrel of the gun," Harold told THR of the impact the second Blackwell child will have on Chance Harbor.
The CW; Getty Images

The Secret Circle returns for the final run of its first season and things aren't looking up for Chance Harbor.

With the identity of the other Blackwell child up in the air on the CW drama, things are getting nutty for the young witches. But as actor Gale Harold tells The Hollywood Reporter, the adults have some issues of their own to contend with. In Charles' case, it's plotting against John Blackwell (Joe Lando).

"He's just trying to stay afloat," Harold tells THR. "He's got to get, if he can, Blackwell out of the way and he's going to have to use Jane (Ashley Crow) somehow. I don't think Charles really knows if she's on his side or if she's actually insane."

Charles' plan to rid Blackwell sees Jane tagging along. "It entails a setup that Charles kind of hinted at when he went to see Jane," he said. "He has a plan but he needs her to do that. Charles has a more direct idea of what's going to happen. Jane is still a loose nut."

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As for whether the plan will be successful, Harold was coy. "He'll end up spilling the coffee or something like that," he said. "It's not going to be ideal but it's going to be exciting."

Coming up shortly will be a heartfelt moment between Charles and her teenage daughter Diana, who goes to him for guidance.

"From now until the end of the season, it's inevitable," he said. "She's finding things out, whether intentionally or accidentally, and Charles has a lot to hide or protect her from. It's her way of trying to understand what's going on with her and what's going on with Cassie (Britt Robertson) and what the connection is between Cassie's mother's death and this new person [Blackwell] that's back in town. It's like the weird uncle who comes into town that you can't pinpoint."

Harold addressed what the reveal of the Blackwell child will mean for everyone in town, calling the development "shocking."

"It stabilizes these kids. Everything that they know is going to be complicated by this fact. Does that mean that they’re unable to do what they’re trying to do that is absolutely evil? The revelation is going to wreck everybody," Harold teased.

"It leaves everyone sort of looking down the barrel of the gun. Not literally, but figuratively. It could be mass destruction and extinction, lights out. The town could burn down. ... It's going to be very bad," he added.

As the season finale nears, where do the characters find themselves?

"Each of the main characters are going to be trapped in some sort of a predicament that’s going to overlap and it’s all going to come through Cassie," Harold said. "How she deals with it is going to determine how everyone else plays through."

The Secret Circle airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on the CW.