'The Secret Circle': Thomas Dekker Hints at Complicated Romances, Unknown Secrets and a Darker Tone (Video)

Sick of vampires and zombies? New drama The Secret Circle may just be the answer.

Not familiar with the L.J. Smith property? Secret Circle centers on a teenage girl, Cassie Blake (played by Life Unexpected's Britt Robertson), who discovers that she's part of a line of witches. She slowly uncovers secrets from her past, her new friends and of Chance Harbor's. One in particular, Adam Conant (portrayed by Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' Thomas Dekker), catches her eye in more ways than one.

In the thick of filming, Dekker shared that the romantic tone carried throughout the first episode won't be at the forefront of every episode, though aspects of it will still be there. "We're shooting episode six right now. I like the direction it's going in. It's gotten a lot darker, more aggressive in tone. I like that kind of thing," Dekker told The Hollywood Reporter. "There's still a lot of beauty. With witches, you're dealing with nature and energy, very spiritual topics, but the energies and powers coming to hurt us, those are the dark, violent areas of the show."

Like its lead-in, The Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle -- also executive produced by Kevin Williamson -- will deal with love triangles. "What that does to him internally and where his devotion lies with the group," he said, but "mainly we'll find out more about their parents and what happened 16 years ago and my father is heavily entrenched in this mystery."

He joked, "I just want to go evil for a bit."

Co-star Adam Harrington, who plays Adam's father Ethan (aka the town drunk), told THR, "He was in love with [Cassie's] mother but we don't know why they weren't together. We don't know why she didn't choose him, why she chose the other man and who the other man is."

The Secret Circle premieres Thursday at 9 p.m. on the CW.