'Secret Life of the American Teenager' Cast Talks Character Evolutions Ahead of Season 5 Premiere (Video)

In four seasons of ABC Family’s Secret Life of the American Teenager, the teenage characters -- and their actors -- have grown and matured in front of a national audience.

With season five of the hit series set to debut on Monday, March 26, The Hollywood Reporter asked Shailene Woodley, Daren Kagasoff, Francia Raisa, Megan Park and Molly Ringwald to reflect on the journey that has molded each of their characters into who they are today.

VIDEO: 'Secret Life' Cast Spills Season 5 Secrets

“Throughout the past four seasons she’s come into her own,” Woodley said of her character, Amy. “I think there’s always that one point in an adolescent’s life where there’s a catalyst that kind of springs them into becoming their own, and I think this season Amy’s becoming her own.”

“From the day I got the job to now, he’s done a complete spiral,” said Kagasoff of his character -- Amy’s fiancé, Ricky. “It’s been fun playing the bad boy and trying to get more endearing, I guess. It’s been a whirlwind.”

Season four drew to a close with Ricky asking Amy to be his wife. The two teens already share a child together, but previews for the upcoming season premiere promise a “bombshell” of a surprise. Speaking with THR, Woodley hinted that there could be another baby on the way this season, but did not confirm who the parents might be.

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Ringwald, who plays Amy’s mom, admitted to having a special fondness for the forthcoming season, saying: “I think it’s the most excited I’ve been since we started the show.” Asked for any teasers from her character, Ringwald kept mum.

“I can tell you absolutely nothing,” she said with a smile. “We are sworn to secrecy.”

As for Amy’s journey, Woodley was a bit more open to what the future would bring.

“Right now she’s currently learning what it’s like to live with someone and to make that full commitment,” she said. “You can be super in love with someone, but there’s always bumps and there’s always obstacles in the road. Right now she’s forced to experiment with those obstacles and handle them in a mature way.”

Keeping the drama at an all time high, Raisa told THR that Adrian’s obsession with Ricky continues in season five, but also acknowledged a new level of maturation for the wild child.

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“Adrian in general is just crazy and I have so much fun with her,” the actress said. “She’s grown up a lot since season one with her style, with her as person, her character, her demeanor. She’s definitely been growing up and I think with the loss of her baby, she’s different. She’s a lot more mature.

Secret Life’s Grace, played by Park, will return to her good girl roots this season, but fans can also expect a new and unexpected romance on the horizon.

“I really started out as the innocent good girl cheerleader and I kind of went through a rebellious phase,” Park said of Grace. “Now I’m back to a good girl phase, so it’s been like a rollercoaster ride so far, but it’s been cool because I feel like every teenager goes through that in high school anyway. It’s just like I’m reliving my high school years kind of in a sense.”

For more teasers and spoilers from season five of Secret Life, click here. Tune in to ABC Family at 8 pm ET/PT for the show’s spring premiere on Monday.