How Much 'Sex' Has Been on 'The Secret Life of the American Teenager': THR Asks, The Cast Answers (Video)

It’s no secret that teenagers talk about sex, but on ABC Family’s Secret Life of the American Teenager, sex is the topic of conversation.

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While celebrating the series’ 100th episode at a recent taping, The Hollywood Reporter enlisted the cast of Secret Life to guess how many times that three-letter word has been used since the show’s 2008 premiere.

“Over a billion times,” joked Francia Raisa, while Molly Ringwald opted for a more conservative estimate of 300.

Some groups have popped up on the web to keep track the sky-high number, but the official count remains a mystery. One group, which ceased counting during the 14th episode of season four, put the number at a whopping 1,603. In 2010, a video documenting the Feb. 12 episode titled “Be My, Be My Baby” showcased a jaw-dropping 70 references to sex in just 45 minutes of television.

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“I’m gonna change that,” Ringwald said with a laugh after learning of the aforementioned video. “1,000 range… a lot, for sure.”

"I think some friends of mine have played drinking games and taken drinks everytime someone says sex," said Raisa. "You know, before the first commercial segment we’re done!"

Shailene Woodley came close, estimating 1,300 times. “When cameras aren’t rolling we’ve probably said it 10,000 times,” she added.

Watch the rest of the cast, and showrunner Brenda Hampton, “guess the jellybeans” in the video above.