'Secretly Pregnant' Renewed for Second Season (Exclusive)

Discovery Fit & Health has picked up the series with a six-episode order to premiere in October.
Charity and her family

Discovery Fit & Health has renewed Secretly Pregnant for a second season.

The network has given the series a six-episode order, with each hourlong episode focusing on two women's stories. The new season is set to premiere at 10 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 11.

Secretly Pregnant tells the stories of women who have their own reasons, ranging from fearing rejection to severe health implications, for hiding a pregnancy from their family, friends, boss or co-workers. Each episode follows two women beginning with their anxiety over what might happen to the reveal of their pregnancy through the aftermath of the birth.

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The season two premiere will focus on Charity, who has five sons and is hoping for a girl, but she's keeping the pregnancy a secret from her parents because she's afraid they will withdraw their financial and emotional support, and Natasha, who previously had an abortion after becoming with pregnant with her unsupportive boyfriend, whom she is terrified will leave her when she tells him she's pregnant again.

Incidentally, the news of the show's renewal comes just days after Smartwater released a humorous viral video starring Jennifer Aniston in which "secret tapes" from the actress' house reveal that she's secretly pregnant with triplets.

Secretly Pregnant is produced for Discovery Fit & Health by Gigantic! Productions, with Cheryl Horner Sirulnick executive producing and Lisa Kohn and Abby Russell co-executive producing. Tracy Rudolph is executive producer for Discovery Fit & Health.

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