'Seinfeld' Lawyer Jackie Chiles Suing Bears For Jim Beam (Video)

The Johnnie Cochran-like attorney returns in a new ad.

Jackie Chiles, Seinfeld's Johnnie Cochran-like lawyer, is back.

Liquor company Jim Beam has enlisted Chiles (actor Phil Morris) for an ad campaign touting their new honey-flavored bourbon.

In a new commercial, Chiles gets a call from Jim Beam and vows to sue the bears that are stealing honey from the company's bees.

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"That's egregious, despicable, criminal," Chiles says, expressing the same sort of outrage he'd often use to describe an offense Kramer wanted to turn into a lawsuit.

Chiles was Kramer's go-to lawyer on Seinfeld, helping him sue a coffee shop over too-hot java, tobacco companies after a short stint as a smoker left him looking haggard and "braless wonder"   for walking down the street wearing just a bra, leading Kramer and Seinfeld to get into a car accident.

The end of the ad suggests more commercials featuring Chiles and urges people to support their campaign using the hashtag #suethebears.

Watch the commercial below.