'Sequestered' Returns: Watch the Startling First 8 Minutes Early (Exclusive)

Crackle's Sequestered is coming back after its break, and The Hollywood Reporter has the episode's entire first act.

The episode centers on Danny (Jesse Bradford), who must deal with a tragedy and continue to unravel the brutal accusations against his client. Meanwhile, Governor Bennett (Patrick Warburton) catches up with the person he blames for his son's murder and Anna (Summer Glau), strives to have the entire jury vote guilty in order to save her sister's life.

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"Sequestered reminds me of the 'serialized films' or 'chapter plays' from the early days of cinema; short, digestible episodic installments designed to suck the viewer in with big plot twists and tense cliffhangers," says Bradford. "The first half of Sequestered ended with some pretty big questions and you can expect them all to be answered in the second half. I will say this: things are definitely going to get harder for Danny before they get easier."

The full episode will be available for streaming at Crackle on Tuesday. The 12-episode season, which is split into two batches, premiered Aug. 5. The series is from Shawn Ku (Beautiful Boy) and Kevin Tancharoen (Fame).

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Oct. 13, 4:10 p.m. Updated with Bradford quote.

Oct. 13, 4:10 p.m.: An earlier version of this story misidentified Mrs. Bennett as the character who wanted the jury to vote guilty. THR regrets the error.