'Sesame Street' Spoofs Homeland With Brody as the Big Bad Wolf (Video)

"Homelamb" reimagines the terrorist lead in sheep's clothing and offers a rather perfect update of the Showtime drama's opening titles.

It may be a tad less subtle, but the Sesame Street version of Homeland is otherwise spot on.

The kids' program released a spoof of the Showtime drama on Monday, breaking down the twisty terrorism thriller-romance into a bunch of sheep CIA agents looking for the Big Bad Wolf. Brody, the literal wolf in sheep's clothing, manages to evade detection despite towering over the little lambs in a wool costume that barely covers his torso.

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"There's something strange about Baaaah-rody, Saaaaul," says the frantic puppet version of Carrie, channeling Claire Danes' trademark Homeland urgency but none of the tears. She quickly exposes Brody, but not without falling for him in the process.

Also hitting the bull's-eye -- more animal puns! -- are the opening credits, which include lambs wandering through a labyrinth to a voiceover from the sheep president and the sounds of ambient jazz. Watch the video below: