Seth MacFarlane Reveals Years-Old Feud With Jon Stewart (Video)

The “Family Guy” creator tells CNN’s Piers Morgan about an angry phone call he received from the “Daily Show” host regarding a joke MacFarlane made about Stewart.
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Seth MacFarlane has revealed a years-old debate he had with Daily Show host Jon Stewart that sprang from Stewart's decision not to shut down The Daily Show during the 2007 Writers Guild strike.

During an interview with CNN's Piers Morgan scheduled to air Wednesday evening, the Family Guy creator recounted an hour-long "angry call" he and Stewart had in 2008 after a joke ran on The Family Guy poking fun at Stewart.

"I think his response was 'Who the hell made you the moral arbiter of Hollywood?'" MacFarlane told Morgan.

Morgan seemed quite gleeful at the news and pressed MacFarlane to elaborate on the point, saying, "There's a certain irony in Jon Stewart ringing up and haranguing you for mocking him."

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MacFarlane demurred, responding, "If I say yes, he'll crucify me on his show for a year."

MacFarlene's issue with Stewart came after the Daily Show host chose to go back to work during the strike instead of letting his show go dark. The Daily Show ran during the strike, however it did not use its writers and reran previously aired material.

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Writers walked off the job for three months at the end of 2007 into 2008 for reasons that included, among other things, demanding more residuals from content aired online.

"People have disagreements about unions…In that situation I think it is incumbent on people in a certain position to stand up for people who haven't made it yet," MacFarlane said.

MacFarlane was shocked Morgan even brought the phone call up during their interview. "How do you find out about these things?" he said. "My publicist has forbidden me to talk about this since it happened."