Seth MacFarlane Lends Voice to 'Simpsons' Season Finale

2012-40 BKLOT Family Guy Seth MacFarlane P IPAD
Kwaku Alston

"Our production offices could be on Mars the way things are going," said MacFarlane, photographed on the Fox lot in Century City.

Seth MacFarlane is heading to The Simpsons. The man behind fellow Fox series Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show will be hard to avoid on Sunday, May 19, when he lends his distinctive voice to the night's longest-running series.

Fox announced details of MacFarlane's audible visit on Tuesday, noting that he'll play Ben, charming married man who meets Marge (Julie Kavner) on a swingers' website. Marge, naturally, does not arrive at the swingers' website intentionally. She mistakenly lands on an Ashley Madison-esque site while looking for a Dolly Madison cupcake site.

The one-hour season ender, which brings the series tally to a daunting 530 episodes, will also feature the guest vocal work of comic Lisa Lampanelli as Ben's wife.

This may mark MacFarlane's first visit to The Simpsons, but it is not his first time collaborating with a Matt Groening cartoon. He guested on Futurama in 2009.