Seth MacFarlane Shares Oscar Advice on 'Tonight Show' (Video)

Seth MacFarlane Tonight Show - H 2013

As Seth MacFarlane continues to prepare to host the Oscars, the one thing he could use is some friendly advice. Unfortunately, he and his Family Guy colleagues have “eviscerated” so many Hollywood a-listers on the Fox show that it's slim pickings, MacFarlane joked on The Tonight Show Friday.

He told host Jay Leno that Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt were among the people he’d like to seek out but can’t because of Family Guy jokes.

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“Eventually I bumped into Clooney, and we haven’t touched him,” MacFarlane said. "He said ‘I’ll be your ally.'”

He said he did receive a lot of good advice from veteran Oscar host Billy Crystal.

“What I keep hearing from people is what Hugh Jackman said, that 'get all your jokes in by midway through the show because after that point you’ll have a lot of angry people in the audience who have lost their categories,” MacFarlane said. “They’re not ready to laugh.”

MacFarlane hosts the Oscar ceremony Feb. 24, which will be broadcast live by ABC from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

Watch the video below.