Seth Meyers Credits Jimmy Fallon for His 'Late Night' Promotion (Video)

Jimmy Fallon Seth Meyers Split - H 2013
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Jimmy Fallon Seth Meyers Split - H 2013

Seth Meyers, who's taking over NBC's Late Night from Jimmy Fallon, says he owes Fallon -- the future host of The Tonight Show -- for paving the way for Saturday Night Live Weekend Update anchors to land late-night talk shows.

"I think I owe a debt of gratitude to Jimmy for having gone from having gone from Update to Late Night and shown that it's a nice progression," Meyers said Thursday on the Today show. "So I'm very happy to be doing it. But, I mean, I think if you sit at that Update desk, you learn how to talk about topical stories and certainly with the guests, you learn to talk to crazy people."

He added: "Although, if you do late night there are real crazy people as opposed to Bill Hader pretending to be one."

STORY: Seth Meyers Lands NBC's 'Late Night' Gig

Meyers, head writer at SNL, will remain on the NBC comedy staple through the fall season. Fallon will replace Jay Leno on Tonight following the winter Olympics in February 2014. 

"I'm nowhere near emotionally ready for Saturday to be my last show -- I wouldn't be able to handle that," Meyers noted of the May 18 season finale, which marks Hader's final episode as he leaves to pursue a career on film

When asked about his concept for Late Night With Seth Meyers, he responded: "It's very strange to get a job that doesn't start for eight, nine months. So I think we'll do a lot of talking about it. But I think it'll be one of those things where the first show you do you're gonna learn 1,000 things you didn't know yet."

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