Seth Meyers Jokes About 'Late Night' Gig: 'I'm Going to be the Awful Upstairs Neighbor' (Video)

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Seth Meyers - H 2013

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Seth Meyers - H 2013

On Monday's Late Night, Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon talked about their upcoming takeover of NBC's late-night programming in February, with Fallon hosting The Tonight Show and Meyers moving into the Late Night spot.

Meyers said he's most often asked if he gets Fallon's house band, The Roots, as part of his new gig.

"I think they think it's like you're going to college and I get your stuff," he explained.

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Fallon offered to give Meyers anything he wanted, and the two decided Meyers should have several Sharpies Fallon keeps on his desk.

To which Meyers replied, "People are like, 'Are you ready?' Now I feel like I am. I was a little behind the 8-ball, but now I'm six Sharpies in."

Fallon continued to offer any assistance, noting that the two will be in the same building.

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They then joked about what it's going to be like with Meyers two floors up, with Meyers claiming he'll be complaining about noise and Fallon saying they could communicate using a soup-can phone.

"I'm going to be the awful upstairs neighbor," Meyers said.

They then brainstormed how they could pose on billboards advertising NBC's late-night schedule, with Meyers suggesting back-to-back and Fallon suggesting a "skydiver-and-instructor" pose.

Meyers also revealed how he proposed to his fiancee Alexi Ashe, saying that he tied the ring in a bow around their dog's collar. He rushed because Ashe said she'd be home in five minutes and then she called back and said it would be an hour, so he just had to sit there staring at the dog, afraid it would eat the ring.

Watch Meyers and Fallon's full interview below.