Seth Meyers Lambastes Fox News for Parroting Trump's Election Results "Bulls—"

Seth Meyers on Wednesday unloaded on Fox News after the network ran with Donald Trump's lies concerning the incoming 2020 election results.

The president has been whining nonstop since Tuesday, Meyers said, about what he sees as an unfair process — all the votes being counted in an election. In an effort to chip away at the institution, Trump has interjected falsehoods and conspiracy theories. As usual, Fox News acted as his megaphone.

The Late Night host Meyers said he was disgusted, with everything kicking off when Trump attempted to declare an early victory Tuesday.

“Sure enough, Fox News picked up on Trump’s line of bullshit as soon as he ended his speech,” Meyers said, highlighting “ex-Bush hack” Dana Perino, who parroted Trump's blather in which he claimed Pennsylvania would “all of a sudden” locate 100,000 votes somewhere.

“You ghouls love your evidence-free musings, don’t you?” Meyers steamed. “That doesn’t belong in the news. That belongs in a Pennysaver column called ‘Dana’s Digressions.’ There’s literally no proof for what you’re saying. These people are so insane they think election officials are finding ballots the way George Constanza found that eclair.”

Meyers raged that the notion of ballots being "found" is nonsensical, as they are merely being tallied.

“Again, they are all valid ballots that are just getting counted the way we always count ballots days or weeks after an election,” Meyers said. “This always happens.”

Watch the full segment below.