Seth Meyers Prepares for 'SNL' Homecoming in Promo

Seth Meyers is about to make his return to NBC's Saturday Night Live.

The former SNL castmember and head writer and current Late Night host on Wednesday appeared in a promo for his upcoming gig hosting this week's episode of the sketch show. The promo opens with Meyers exiting doors that are labeled with the name of his talk show. He sits down and is rolled down the hall as music begins to play.

"No one ever said homecomings were easy, but if something is too easy, it's hardly worth doing," Meyers says in a voiceover. "So no matter how hard the road, how long the journey, I'm going to make it back to Studio 8H."

The music cuts out as SNL castmembers Kenan Thompson and Alex Moffat watch Meyers film the promo. "Isn't Seth's studio just down the hall from us?" asks Moffat. "Yeah, it's right next door. But he wanted to make a big deal about it. I support his choice," responds Thompson.

While filming, Meyers realizes that he forgot his ID and needs to go back to his studio.

"Oh, hey, guys," he says, greeting the current SNL stars. "Is it weird to see me here?"

"I saw you in the bathroom yesterday," says Thompson. "So, no."

Meyers then returns to his voiceover as he is wheeled backwards. "Not all journeys go as planned, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take them," he concludes.

SNL also added a compilation video to its YouTube channel of some of Meyers' most memorable moments from his time on the variety show. The video opens with his "Weekend Update" wedding to frequent visitor Stefon, played by Bill Hader. The clip then backtracks to Meyers audition for the show in 2001, one of his many appearances in the "Top o' the Morning" sketches alongside Jimmy Fallon and a glimpse of his character Dave "Zinger" Clinger. It concludes with Meyers and Stefon sitting at the "Weekend Update" desk. After Stefon hands Meyers a button that reads, "Kiss me, I'm Irish," he grabs Meyers' face and kisses him.

Meyers will return to SNL as host on Oct. 13. Paul Simon will serve as musical guest.