Seth Meyers Reflects on Working With Garry Marshall on 'New Year's Eve'

Seth Meyers
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Griffin (Seth Meyers), a broke father-to-be, tries to beat another expecting couple to give birth at midnight and win the $25,000 purse that comes with having the first baby of the new year.

During Wednesday's Late Night, Seth Meyers paid tribute to Garry Marshall by reflecting on his numerous interactions with the director and producer, who passed away on Tuesday.

Though Meyers had first met Marshall when he came to speak to one of the Late Night host's classes at Northwestern, it wasn't until years later that Meyers had a conversation with him.

Marshall was casting a movie, and Meyers had landed a meeting with him. "I went in, and I told him how much it meant to me that he had given so much to me without even knowing me and given so much to my education," Meyers said.

The host then used his best Garry Marshall voice to share his response: "That's so good to hear, and I'm so sorry I don't have a part for you in the movie! But maybe in the next movie I'll have a part for you."

It turns out, a few years later, he did — for his 2011 ensemble rom-com New Year's Eve

At first, Meyers declined, saying, "You don't have to put me in the movie."

Marshall told him, "You get to be Jessica Biel's husband. I could think of worse ways to spend the day."

Meyers ended up working on the film for about four days, saying of the director, "He was so kind, and he was so generous with his stories about the experiences he had." 

The host recalled his favorite part of the process in which he was supposed to be running and bump into an old lady and then apologize. 

Since the woman didn't have a name, Marshall told Meyers to use his favorite teacher's name. "Then she'll see the movie and she'll go, 'Look, he remembered me!' Isn't that the best?"

As it turns out, though, they had to cut the scene, so Marshall said, "What I want you to do -- you gotta call that teacher and say, 'I almost said your name in a movie!'" 

Seth ended his reflection by paying his respects.

"He was such a great guy. I'm so happy I met him. I'm so sad he's gone," he said. "Rest in peace, Garry Marshall."