Seth Meyers Returns to 'Late Night' With Coronavirus "Closer Look" Segment

Seth Meyers - Late Night NBC from his house - NBC Publicity_H 2020
Courtesy of NBC

Seth Meyers made his return to Late Night on Monday.

He filmed "A Closer Look" segment in the hallway of his home as people are being encouraged to stay in their residences and social distance to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Meyers is the latest late night host to film his show from home, with Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and Trevor Noah also taping from their houses last week. James Corden also posted a video from home for Late Late Show fans Monday night.

After noting that the show's staff was at home, Meyers added, "We have no idea when we're gonna be back."

"It's not just a surreal time for us. It's a surreal time for everyone," he continued. "We're all trying to process it, so we thought we'd start doing that the way we always do with 'A Closer Look.'"

Meyers said that viewers might think it's weird that he's filming from a hallway, though said it's better than being on a public beach. "Look at those dummies," he said as a photo of a crowded beach appeared onscreen. "I'm not saying people are dumb for going to the beach during a pandemic, which they are. I'm saying you're dumb for going to the beach, period."

Over 300,000 people around the world have tested positive for coronavirus, with 40,000 of those people being in the United States.

Meyers took aim at President Donald Trump, who initially said at the beginning of the pandemic that the virus would stop spreading. "While the federal government could've been ramping up testing, tracing and quarantining cases and containing the spread, the president was lying and claiming this was all no big deal," he said.

New reporting in The Washington Post recently revealed that U.S. intelligence agencies were issuing warnings about the coronavirus in January and February. "Either he knew about it the whole time and lied or he wasn't paying attention during his briefings and honestly both are probably true," Meyers said about Trump.

He later touched on stay at home orders, like the ones in New York and California, which he joked is "a cross between a staycation and a Saw movie."

Many countries around the world have taken measures to flatten the curve, "which sounds like something a CrossFit instructor would yell during a workout. 'Come on, Janet! Janet, let's finish those squats and flatten those curves!'"

A Financial Times reporter noted that traffic in major cities has significantly decreased. "Rush hour traffic has fallen in New York and in New York, all traffic is rush hour traffic," he said. "If you try to catch a cab in midtown at rush hour, you'd be better off just ordering all the parts and building your own cab."

Meyers then discuss Senator Rand Paul, who was spotted swimming in the Senate swimming pool shortly before testing positive for the coronavirus. "So Rand Paul thought he might have coronavirus and he went to the gym and the pool," said Meyers. "What else did he do? Lick every desk in the Senate chamber and shake hands with the Lincoln Memorial."

"If you think you have coronavirus, you're supposed to stay home. Not go to the gym," he continued. "Coronavirus doesn't care if you're jacked. I mean, Idris Elba got it and look at him. If anyone's capable of knocking out coronavirus by punching it, it’s Idris Elba."

Meyers moved on to discussing Trump's recent tweet that called out networks and newspapers for sharing fake news. "How do you have time to watch six networks and read two newspapers?" he asked. "I've been home with two kids for a week and the only thing I've read is the back of a box of Clorox Wipes and the only thing I've watched is my wife roll her eyes at me for not knowing how to make oatmeal."

Continuing to criticize the Trump administration's response to the pandemic, Meyers shared that medical television shows have donated equipment to hospitals. "Our government is such a mess, TV shows have had to pitch in by giving every hospital in the country masks, ventilators and one super hot doctor who gets killed off in season 11," he said as a photo of Patrick Dempsey on Grey's Anatomy appeared onscreen.

"It's become clear that to get through this crisis, we're gonna have to rely on state and local governments, our courageous health care workers, our public health experts and each other," concluded Meyers. "Because when it comes to Trump, the chances he'll provide real leadership are—." A clip followed of Trump saying, "Close to zero."

Meyers previously filmed the last episode of Late Night on March 12. At the time, the host shared that he and his team had canceled that night's episode after his guests didn't want to come in.

Watch the "Closer Look" segment below.