Seth Meyers Reveals Baby's Name on 'Late Night'

Seth Meyers Intro - H 2015

Seth Meyers Intro - H 2015

Seth Meyers is the latest late-night host to become a father. 

He and his wife Alexi welcomed their first child on Sunday, and Meyers shared his new son's name for the first time on his NBC show on Tuesday. The host took some time out of his monologue to talk about the birth of his new son, Ashe, which is also Meyers' wife's maiden name. (His son's middle name is Olsen after Meyers' mother's maiden name, and he was adamant that he is not named after actress Ashley Olsen.) 

Meyers shared how he and his wife went to Sunday brunch with plans for a relaxing day before she began having contractions. The nervous soon-to-be dad quickly downloaded a contractions app to chart them. Taking an Uber to the hospital, his wife "was screaming out the window, 'I don't like this!'"

"I just feel like New Yorkers were walking down the street like, 'It's New York, nobody likes anything!'" Meyers said, worrying that his Uber ratings might go down because of the incident. 

Everyone at the hospital was wearing bunny ears for Easter Sunday, Meyers said, which he felt was festive, but "my wife was in a place where bunny ears could not affect her mood." He added that he couldn't stop laughing in the delivery room because "half the people in the room were wearing bunny ears!" 

"The weird thing is that you're not a parent and then you are," Meyers concluded, "and it takes your brain a couple hours to catch up to that." 

Late Night's first guest was fellow SNL alum Tracy Morgan, who brought the new dad a gift of a box of condoms. 

Meyers took to Twitter on Monday to thank his fans for their support.