Seth Meyers' Final 'SNL': 4 Things to Watch For

Melissa McCarthy is the host, but all eyes will be on the departing Weekend Update co-anchor.
Seth Meyers

Updated: Meyers got an all-star sendoff on SNL. Read the details here. The original story follows.

Seth Meyers will soon be Saturday Night Live history, with just hours to go until the writer and Weekend Update co-anchor makes his final bow. We've already looked at his finest moments on the show – both onscreen and behind the scenes as a writer. Below, The Hollywood Reporter looks at four things that could happen during his final episode.

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Lots of Returning Castmembers

Meyers, who joined SNL in 2001, is the longest serving member of the current cast, trailed by Kenan Thompson (who joined in 2003) and Bobby Moynihan (2008). Expect an impressive contingent of his SNL comrades from the past decade to return to pay their respects. In previous years, Kristen Wiig was sent off with a song form Mick Jagger, while Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader and Fred Armisen also went out with a song. Could a musical number be in store? Tune up those guitars, musical guest Imagine Dragons.

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Biden's Return

SNL: It's far past time to introduce a new Joe Biden, and the inevitable State of the Union cold open is the time to do it. President Barack Obama's paint-by-numbers speech wasn't exactly comedy gold, but the vice president's facial expressions — and speculation that he spent the address playing with his phone — could make for some good material. Alternate option: Bring back Sudeikis to reprise the role.

A Big Weekend Update Sendoff

Meyers gave Bill Hader's Stefon an epic goodbye last season, with a pre-recorded segment spoofing The Graduate. Can Meyers' sendoff top that? Head writer Colin Jost has been tapped to join Cecily Strong on the Weekend Update desk, so we should also expect Meyers to pass him the baton.

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Melissa McCarthy … Yelling?

With all the Meyers excitement, it's easy to forget that Melissa McCarthy is ostensibly the star of the show. She is returning as host just nine months after her last outing, where her best moment came when she lampooned disgraced Rutgers coach Mike Rice, who was fired for abusive behavior. Her promos hinted at a desire to get back into sports. With the Olympics and the Super Bowl coming up, perhaps she can channel some of that comic anger into playing a coach or competitor.

Saturday Night Live airs on NBC at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT.

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