Seth Meyers Says Stefon Will 'Eventually' Appear on 'Late Night'

The new "Late Night" host says being in the same building as "Saturday Night Live" is "a huge asset."
Bill Hader as Stefon on "Weekend Update"

Bill Hader may have said goodbye to Saturday Night Live, but one of his most memorable characters will likely make its way to Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Seth Meyers said on a Wednesday night appearance on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live talker with host Andy Cohen that Hader's Stefon, the beloved New York club guru, will "turn up eventually" on his new show.

"We're looking forward to that," Meyers added but squashed any speculation that Stefon could serve as a Late Night correspondent.

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Meyers admitted that he has been tempted to bring over other SNL characters and/or sketches, but Late Night executive producer and SNL creator "Lorne [Michaels] tells me I can't, and so I stop."

Instead, the former "Weekend Update" anchor said he's viewing Late Night like "a new thing" -- though the likelihood of old faces showing up now and again will be good.

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"The thing that's great is that all the SNL actors who sort of are in the building, they're just a few floors away. So anytime we come up with something that, like, Taran [Killam] would be perfect at, I can sort of just go upstairs and be like, 'Hey will do me a solid?' " Meyers said, adding that being in relatively close proximity to his old colleagues "will be a huge asset."

Meyers won't be straying far from his SNL roots, with former castmember Fred Armisen serving as bandleader of Late Night's 8G Band. Amy Poehler, with whom he manned "Weekend Update," is Meyers' first guest.

Late Night With Seth Meyers debuts Feb. 24 on NBC.

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