Seth Meyers Spoofs Beyonce's 'Lemonade' Effect in 'Late Night' Offices

The episode also featured an appearance by Iggy Azalea, who helped Meyers decipher some of the latest teen slang.
Lloyd Bishop/NBC
'Late Night With Seth Meyers'

A lot of women are feeling empowered by Beyonce's Lemonade HBO special. Including, it seems, the female staffers at Late Night with Seth Meyers.

On Thursday night's show, Meyers shared a video in which the men of Late Night were confronted with the bat-wielding, middle finger-thrusting, copy machine-adjacent twerking of female colleagues who clearly drew some inspiration from Bey's take-no-prisoners short film.

"A very empowering message from Beyonce, so empowering I can't help but notice I feel like it's affected the women in our office," said Meyers.

What followed were scenes of a staffer named "Queen Jenny" refusing to give up her stapler and offering up a one-finger salute instead and a writer in Bey's signature yellow dress taking some constructive criticism from Meyers on her sketch idea ... and then smashing in his office window with a bat.

The episode also featured a drop by from Iggy Azalea, who helped Meyer decipher some of the latest teen slang. Among the terms he tried to explain were party-starting adjectives such as "lit."

But, because he's 42 and nobody wants to hear an guy that age explain teen talk, he had Azalea try her hand at a series of increasingly ridiculous phrases including "Bowladex" (the list of people you call for weed), "Brooch-ella" (a concert attended by mostly middle-aged ladies) and "WhileFi" (the socially acceptable amount of time you need to be at someone's party before asking for the wifi password).

Watch Azalea provide the proper context:

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