Seth Meyers Spoofs 'The Post' With Trailer for Faux 'Newspaper Movie'

Two years after Spotlight won the Oscar for best picture and only a month after The Post earned its nomination for the same award, there is a dramatic new movie sweeping the film circuit: Newspaper Movie.

The joke film, which Seth Meyers presented to audiences on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday night, features — according to a melodramatic voiceover — “men in bad ties and gross-colored shirts,” “a lot of stuff with phones, like a lot,” “imposing shots of iconic Washington, D.C. buildings to convey the power of longstanding institutions,” “muffled arguing behind glass doors” and “also, so much smoking.”

Starring Meyers in a blond wig that harkens back to Robert Redford circa All The President’s Men, a rag-tag group of reporters write about… well, something concerning the free press and holding the powerful to account.

Naturally, "critics" are already loving it. In his introduction to the segment, Meyers noted, “I think it can definitely be a contender at this year’s Oscars.” According to the trailer, everyone from the Los Angeles Times to The Washington Post has raved about the film.

The trailer even quotes a Hollywood Reporter review (that doesn't exist): “Newspaper Movie is a tour-de-force of people talking about sources, anonymous sources and the importance of protecting sources. In fact, the word ‘sources’ is said over 6,500 times in this movie.”