Seth Meyers Shares How He "Provoked" an Accidental Home Birth

LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS - Seth at desk  -Publicity-H 2019
Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Seth Meyers' story about his wife giving birth to their second son, Axel, in the lobby of their apartment building has not only sparked laughs, but also copycat delivery for one Milwaukee couple.

The Late Night host explained that a couple in Milwaukee had their baby at home after attending one of his comedy shows in which he told the story of Axel's unexpectedly fast arrival.

"She thought the date would not conflict with the birth of their second child. After all, she'd only be 30 weeks pregnant when I performed in Milwaukee," he said.

Meyers said that Meggie's husband, Dan, said, "We laughed and looked at each other after that story and talked about it on the way home. We actually talked about what we would do if that happened to us." After Meyers quoted Dan, he said, "That's called foreshadowing."

"That night she started having the contractions. Went downstairs, called her sister and then had the baby in the bathroom of their house," explained Meyers.

The host shared a quote from an article about the home birth that "made me really happy." After he noted that the baby was healthy, Meyers read from the story, "At the hospital, Meggie and Dan decided that Seth Meyers' humor and Meggie's hearty laughing expedited Ada's entrance into the world."

The story also said that the couple debated on whether or not they wanted to name their daughter after Meyers. Dan told the reporter, "His name isn't very feminine, so we stuck with our original name." The father shared that he had considered "hanging a photo of Seth in our bathroom."

"Let me just say, I'm gonna get you that. I'm gonna get you that photo," said Meyers. He then shared a photo of the family, which included Meggie, Dan, Aunt Katie, Ada Lou and new big sister Penelope.

Meyers concluded the segment by thanking the family for letting him be part of their big day. "Congratulations to you and your family," he said.

Watch Meyers share the full story below.