Seth Meyers Tries to Recruit LeBron James (Video)

Also on late night TV, Michael Douglas teased his "Ant-Man" role and Dana Carvey performed "Choppin' Broccoli."
Associated Press

Everyone wants a piece of NBA star LeBron James—even Seth Meyers.

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The NBC host made his pitch to James for joining the Late Night team—including access to staplers and four feet of desk space. Something tells us this pitch will not be a slam dunk.

On The Tonight Show, Dana Carvey performed his old classic "Choppin' Broccoli," classing it up with an orchestra backing him.

Earlier on CBS, Michael Douglas joked to David Letterman about his role in Marvel Studios' Ant-Man, claiming he'd be shot with a blow dart if he said too much.


What were your favorite moments from Thursday's late night shows?