Seth Meyers' Wife Gives Birth in Apartment Building Lobby

Seth Meyers and his wife, Alexi Ashe, welcomed their second child over the weekend, and the Late Night host chronicled his son's unconventional arrival on Monday's show. 

Meyers began by recalling the story of his first son's birth, and how he was initially worried that his wife would have to give birth in an Uber, though the couple ended up making it to the hospital. This time around wasn't too different — albeit much more dramatic. "Move over, that story," Meyers joked. "'Cause that's so normal compared to what happened yesterday."

The NBC host said he was eating lunch at the couple's New York City apartment when his mother-in-law suddenly alerted him that they needed to get to the hospital "NOW!"

"It was like Bill Paxton in Aliens," Meyers said. "It was like 'Game over, man!'"

Meyers said he then ordered an Uber, but after the couple got to the steps of their building, Ashe realized the baby was coming right away. He first thought he could just "calm her down" after what happened with their first son's birth, until both Ashe and their friend, who was doubling as a doula, said the baby was actually out.

"The only way I can describe how my wife looked was she looked like someone who was hiding a baby in a pair of sweatpants," Meyers said, laughing. "It was like somebody was trying to, like, sneak a baby on a plane."

The couple had to quickly make a decision between their apartment building's elevator or lobby. They chose the latter, where Meyers said their group created a makeshift semicircle around Ashe only for everything to unfold in a flash.

"This is how fast it happened," Meyers said. "I called 911 and over the course of a minute conversation I basically said, ‘We’re about to have a baby, we’re having a baby, we had a baby.'"

NYPD and what Meyers described as "the entire fire department" arrived shortly after, which Meyers showed pictures of along with one of his newborn son, Axel.

Meyers thanked the first responders, and got choked up while doing the same for his wife. 

"She’s really amazing," Meyers said. "I just want to thank my beautiful wife, Alexi, who is twice now an incredible rock star with these incredible deliveries and stories."