Seth Rogen Is a Gay Bear Icon and Has the Nude Art to Prove It (Video)

On Wednesday's "Conan," the actor shared naked images that he inspired and lovingly named.

Seth Rogen is a bear icon. This may not be a surprise for the portion of the gay community who love themselves some “bears,” which refers to “big, hairy dudes that gay guys like” as Rogen describes them on Wednesday’s Conan on TBS.

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Rogen appeared to promote his new movie, 50/50, but he may just have increased sales for a book by artist Christopher Schulz titled simply Seth. It contains drawings of the actor nude and in some very, um, interesting positions.

Rogen shared a few images from the book, which he has lovingly named, “Lazy Sunday,” “Come and Get Me,” and “Peek-A-Boo.” We shared those titles with you for both informational and cautionary reasons.

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Watch the clip below at your own discretion.


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