Seth Rogen Replaces Brad Pitt as 'The Jim Jefferies Show' Weatherman

Seth Rogen ousted Brad Pitt as the weatherman of The Jim Jefferies Show on Tuesday night and set a very different tone for the broadcast: instead of offering a bleak prognosis of the warming climate, as Pitt did, Rogen portrayed a cheery oil-industry appointee who attempted to convince the show's host that the Earth was doing just fine.

Clad in a cowboy hat and leather jacket, Rogen surprised host Jim Jefferies when he appeared in front of the show's green screen of the globe during the weather segment. "We used to have a good-looking guy," Jefferies said, perplexed.

"There's a new sponsor for your show: they're called Organic Industrial Liquids and they decided to bring me in," Rogen replied. "Coal Clean's the name, and boy, hasn't it been a hell of a year? The best year of weather ever in Earth's history," he said, as a forecast showed up behind him that depicted Earth's temperatures at various places to be "perfect," "fresh" and "just right."

When Jefferies pointed out that there have been various natural disasters this year, Rogen's weatherman decried the "lying liberal media" for spinning that narrative. "Did you know, the worse the air quality, the better the breast milk," he said. Later, he extolled the virtues of plastic in oceans and oil spills.

Jefferies attempted to fire Rogen's weatherman, until the comedian's character reminded him that his company could pull financial support of the show if he did. Jefferies then got in line with his narrative: "If oil was so bad, why would they put it on salads?" he said, trying to please the new weatherman.

Watch the full clip above.