Seth Rogen Shares International Titles for 'Blockers'

While visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday (April 5), Blockers producer Seth Rogen opened up about the name of the film.

“If you don’t go into a movie with a title that’s strong, then the studio becomes a big part of the conversation as to what the title is,” Rogen began. “What we ended up with was Cock Blockers.” He added, “I made a movie called Sausage Party and even I’m like, ‘Cock Blockers is crazy!'”

As Rogen continued to refer to the film as “Cock Blockers,” he explained that the studio put a chicken on the movie’s poster in front of the word Blockers because the former word is deemed as inappropriate. “Which again, is just crazy,” said Rogen.

“We thought Cock Blockers was crazy, then we started looking into what it was called all over the world and it was just as crazy, if not crazier,” said the actor. “They make bizarre translations for movies in other countries.”

When asked by Kimmel if any of his other films have been given crazy names internationally, Rogen revealed that Superbad was called Super Horny in a number of countries. He then shared that Blockers “had the craziest ones ever.”

Kimmel pulled up a map to show the number of different titles Blockers is referred to as all around the world. After reiterating the American title, it was revealed that the name of the film in France is Parental Consent. The Lithuanian title for the film was then revealed to translate to No For Sex!

The host and actor then shared the title in Bulgaria, which is Sex in the Summer of Cuckoos. “This is crazy,” said Rogen. “We did research, actually, and apparently chickens, this is true, are like a euphemism for the penis — roosters, chickens, cocks — in all sorts of countries.”

The Slovenian title was then announced as Not With My Daughter, to which Kimmel responded, “It sounds like a Liam Neeson movie.”

Rogen read the title for the film in Thailand, which is Block Sex Happening on Prom Night. “Which is literal, very literal,” he said of the translated title. “You know what you’re getting with that movie.”

The next translated title was from Romania and is Forbidden to Make… Sex. “You don’t know what they’re forbidden to make,” joked Rogen. “There’s a lot of suspense involved.”

The final translation came from Taiwan. “This is the best movie title of any of my movies ever,” Rogen said before revealing that the title is Operation Chicken Container. “We put a lot of thought into why it would maybe be called that. Is it a container, like a tupperware thing?” he asked. “No! It is one who contains chickens.” Kimmel added, “It sounds like what the secret service might call getting lunch for President Trump.”