'Sex and the City', 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' Townhomes Sell for Millions

The sales signal a boom in the "iconic Manhattan single girl" real estate market.

Two luxurious Manhattan residences that served as homes to a pair of Hollywood's most iconic single ladies have sold for several million dollars each.

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One served as exterior to the Upper East Side apartment of Holly Golightly, the socialite party girl famously played by Audrey Hepburn in 1961's Breakfast at Tiffany's. The other was the West Village townhouse where Carrie Bradshaw -- the lovelorn columnist of HBO's Sex and the City, played by Sarah Jessica Parker -- would unwind on the stoop with a cigarette after an evening of Cosmo-sipping escapades.

The Tiffany's home, a four-story brownstone reconfigured as two duplexes, is located at 169 E. 171st St., and sold to Costalea Holdings Ltd. for $5.97 million, The New York Observer reports. The previous owner was Peter E. Bacanovic, the Merrill Lynch broker who served five months in prison for his part in the Martha Stewart insider trading scandal.

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In the West Village, the five-bedroom apartment located at 64 Perry Street -- which for years has served as a mecca to Sex and the City-obsessed tourists -- sold for $9.85 million in a transaction made earlier this month with an anonymous buyer, the Observer also reports.

The building has a fashionable pedigree: Project Runway's style guru Tim Gunn once lived in another unit upstairs.