Shailene Woodley No Longer Hugs Reporters Because They Wear Too Much Perfume and Cologne

Shailene Woodley Jimmy Fallon H 2016
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Shailene Woodley Jimmy Fallon H 2016

For entertainment reporters, an interview with Shailene Woodley used to mean a genuine hug with the actress on a particular side "so that our hearts touch."

Well, that's all in the past — and for a good reason, the Divergent Series: Allegiant star explained on Monday's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

"I used to [hug reporters down the red carpet], but I don't anymore, for immunity's sake," she told Jimmy Fallon. "But also because — and this might sound crazy — have you ever hugged someone and walked away smelling like them for the rest of the day? And all of a sudden, at night, you're like, 'Why do I still smell like this person eight hours later?'"

She continued, "The worst part is when you start to smell it and you're coming in [for the hug], and you're like, 'Oh no!' and you can't retract because you're already starting, so you have to commit and you're just like, 'Well, there goes my smell for the rest of the night.'"

She concluded, "It just must be so expensive to use that much cologne and perfume."

During Monday night's episode, Woodley also told Fallon of her admiration of Star Wars' Princess Leia and played a game of Pictionary with Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara.