'Shameless' Gets Showtime Retrospective Series

Showtime is giving Shameless a royal sendoff.

The premium cable network announced Monday it has picked up Shameless Hall of Shame, a companion series designed to celebrate John Wells' departing dramedy with six hourlong retrospective episodes.

Set to launch Sunday, Dec. 27, at 9 p.m., the six-episode series will feature new and original Shameless scenes juxtaposed with a retrospective look at each character's journey over the past 10 seasons. Fan-favorites Ian (Cameron Monaghan) and Mickey (Noel Fisher) are up first. New Hall of Shame episodes will be interspersed throughout the 11th and final season of Shameless, which returned Dec. 6.

"This 11-year journey with the Gallagher family has been a total pleasure for us from the beginning and we're excited to share a look back at the many trials, tribulations and laughs of those 11 seasons with our fans," said Wells, who serves as showrunner.

Shameless is Showtime's highest-rated scripted original and became a mega-hit thanks in part to the show's deal with Netflix, where it ranks as one of the streamer's most watched acquired series.

The 11th and final season was dramatically impacted by COVID-19, as Wells told The Hollywood Reporter ahead of its last premiere. "We rewrote all of the first six or seven episodes," he said this month. "[T]he impacts on all of us — particularly on working-class and poor communities — have been significant and we're trying to deal with those issues in a satirical way but also taking an honest, dry-eyed look at what has actually happened to these communities and specifically to our characters."