'Shameless' Season 2 Premiere: Where There's Smoke, There's Frank (Video)

William H. Macy Shameless 2012
Chuck Hodes/ SHOWTIME

While some things never change on Showtime’s Shameless – like Frank’s (William H. Macy) total disregard for consequences – there were several changes for the Gallaghers in Sunday’s Season 2 premiere.

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Frank is up to his usual cons as he lets his mouth and greed get him in trouble once again when he bets a local thug $10 grand that the man couldn’t take two shots from a taser gun without soiling himself. Well, that didn’t work out. After going to all his usual sources for funds, he decides to take youngest son Liam to give him a leg up with panhandling. After trying to appeal to the man’s sense of fairness, the thug takes Liam as collateral. Yes, it’s a whole new low for Frank and he actually knows it.

As night falls, Fiona (Emmy Rossum) sets out to get her brother back. After finding out what Frank has done, she and the rest of the family cough up everything they have made over the summer to get Liam back. Coming up short, Fiona promises she’ll come up with the rest. Thankfully, Kevin (Steve Howey) got a bit carried away with that season’s marijuana crop and Veronica (Shanola Hampton) forced her husband to get rid of it – but not before giving Fiona enough to pay off the rest of the debt.

Aside from being broke after working hard to save up for another hard winter – Lip (Jeremy Allen White) started an amateur fighting ring, Debbie (Emma Kenney) ran a daycare out of the house – there were several new turns this season.

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Summer in the City. Instead of the icy winter of the first season, summer has hit and presents a wholly different Chicago then the one we knew. The season gives the series a bit of levity and finds the characters moving forward in their lives after last season’s dismal events.

It’s a new day at the Jackson home. Frank’s home away from home with the Jacksons has undergone some changes. With Eddie missing (remember, he shockingly committed suicide in the Season 1 finale, but it seems his family doesn’t know that), Sheila (Joan Cusack) and Karen (Laura Wiggins), are working on improving their lives. Everyday, Sheila increases the distance she can walk outside. That affects Frank in two ways: She has become a lot less dependent on him and she’ll soon be able to find out exactly what no good things he’s up to when he isn’t home. Meanwhile, Karen is attending a group for sex addicts and seems to have her head on straight again – except for the fact that the guy she’s attending group with is extra hot and apparently a grown up, though seemingly less smart, version of Lip.

Fiona is a free agent. With Steve (Justin Chatwin) on the run and out of the picture, Fiona has begun dating again. And her slutty married friend, Jasmine (Amy Smart), is back and she’s a bad influence. Fiona is dating a conservative looking finance guy while she crushes on the deejay at the nightclub she waitresses at. Meanwhile, the dumb, but well-meaning cop is still very interested in her as well. Basically, it’s a waiting game for Steve to return, right?

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Ian sees a way out. Ian has decided that he wants to go to military academy after high school. And after some protest, Lip has decided if that’s what his brother wants, he’s going to help him get it. Back at the convenience store where Ian works, his hot and heavy sexual relationship with his boss, Kash (Pej Vahdat) has cooled down to a total stop. And Kash begins to hook up with other undercover Muslim brothers. But by the end of the episode, he breaks down and tells Ian he can’t live the lie and has decided to leave his family. We’ll have to see what that means for Ian going forward.

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Watch the full episode of the Shameless Season 2 premiere below.

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