'Shark Tank' Sneak Peek: Sharks Hear Kooky Pitch for 'Kookn' Kap' (Exclusive Video)

Things get kooky on Friday's episode of Shark Tank.

The sharks hear a rather unique pitch from Juli Deveau and Ozma Khan, who have come up with the idea for a "Kookn' Kap."

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As Deveau explains: "One night, we were hosting a dinner party for our girlfriends. The main dish was fish. After dinner, the girls and I hit the town and headed to a swanky L.A. lounge. Someone approached me and told me my hair smelled like fish. I was mortified."

Hence, the Kookn' Kap, a one-size-fits-all topper that resembles a chef's hat.

"It not only keeps the smell of food out of your hair -- but it also keeps the hair out of your food," the duo explain (yes, some of their pitch was given in unison). "And, it's chic and comfortable," adds Deveau. (Watch the clip, which is exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, above to make your own assessment on the accuracy of her statement.)

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The duo's motto? "Hair smell like crap? Get a Kap."

But the aspiring entrepreneurs make a huge mistake that gets the attention of shark Barbara Corcoran -- and the rest of the panel takes notice.

Shark Tank airs at 9 p.m. Fridays on ABC.