'Shark Week' Enlists John Walsh in Search for Snuffy's Killer (Exclusive Video)

Discovery Channel is going all out in the "search" for Snuffy the Seal's killer.

Snuffy was last seen being brutally snatched from a crane about to return the aquatic personality to the ocean when a massive shark ruined the happy moment.

STORY: Discovery Channel Sets 'Shark Week' Lineup

In a new promo for the cable network's annual Shark Week extravaganza, Discovery has brought in John Walsh -- the former host of America's Most Wanted -- to conduct an "ocean-wide search" for the suspect who "snuffed out" Snuffy's life "way too soon."

The search encourages those with information on the whereabouts of the killer shark to head to SnuffytheSeal.com -- a redirect for Shark Week. The amusing promo also comes with a natural warning about Snuffy's killer: "He's believed to be extremely dangerous."  

Check out the promo above. Shark Week begins Sunday, Aug. 4, at 8 p.m. on Discovery. Let's hope the search for Snuffy's killer is televised on a Shark Cam.

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